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What Makes Prairie Rose Outfitters' Location Optimal For Waterfowl Hunting

When you’re setting up a hunting trip for yourself and your boys, you want to ensure that you not only have a successful hunt, but an optimal time with the most opportunity to kill a maximum amount of birds. At Prairie Rose Outfitters, our locations are ideal for a great hunt, and here are four of our favorite reasons why hunters like you will agree:

a flying goose

Where Migration Starts

Hunting where migration starts is the best option you have for catching them unaware in the air. Our location offers two camp options that allow you to hunt snow geese in the afternoon all season long. Because of these location at the start of these birds’ migration, we can guarantee there will be a large number of birds available for you to kill.

a flock of geese eating

Birds Are Less Hungry

One of the many benefits for our locations is that the birds you’ll be hunting will be less hungry, making them easier targets and providing you with the opportunity to gain more kills. In our field setups, you can experience some of the most exciting waterfowl hunting in your life, and we bring award-winning, first-class guides to get you as engaged as possible for some of the best waterfowl hunting in Canada.

geese resting in water

Less Pressured

When you’re hunting from one of our full field setups, you’ll notice that the birds are less pressured. This is because, as mentioned above, these locations are at the start of their migration pattern and they are well rested. Because of this, we can ensure that you have an amazing time with hunting these birds as they appear in droves.

a Prairie Rose Outfitters' hunting spot

Largest Roosting Spot On Mississippi Flyway (or Central Flyaway)

Of course, a large roosting spot means that there are tons of birds to be found and killed. When you’re hunting from one of our full field setups, you’ll see why the hunting in our area has been described as “tornadoes of ducks” and that many of our past hunters have claimed our area has produced the most birds they’ve ever seen.

Learn more about our locations and why many of our past customers have said that we’re some of the best waterfowl hunting in Canada. Get started by browsing our services, learn more about who we are, and contact us to get a quote today.