a group of hunters posing with their prey

Why Field Set Ups Are Crucial To A Great Hunting Trip

Setting up a great hunting trip doesn’t have to mean doing all the work yourself. Instead, working with a professional company that is dedicated to providing the best waterfowl hunting in Canada means that you can have a great trip without having to do all of the legwork. At Prairie Rose Outfitters, we provide full service field set ups to ensure great hunting trips for our customers.

a hunting instructor giving directions


Instead of getting lost or figuring out your paths during a hunting trip all on your own, our guides help to create a better, more streamlined experience. We provide our customers with award-winning, first-class guides who know the areas and the animals that live in them extremely well, meaning that you have a better chance at killing more birds during your trip.

Thick steaks on a grill


One of the things you’ll never have to worry about during a hunting trip in one of our full-service field setups is your own hunger. That’s because our team provides you with a chef who will provide amazing, delicious home cooked meals to ensure that you and your hunting party never go hungry and can focus on enjoying your experience.

a hunting dog bringing in a bird

Hunting Made Easier

Choosing the right waterfowl hunting outfitter can be difficult, but our team works to make the choice easy by providing you and your hunting party with all kinds of amenities, benefits, and of course an amazing hunting experience! We’re one of the most experienced and highly rated waterfowl hunting outfitters in Saskatchewan, and we have an incredibly high return rate, and that’s because we focus on you!

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Rewards for Your Kills

Another exciting reason to hunt with a full service field set up like those with Praire Rose Outfitters is because you get rewarded for your efforts in hunting. Our field set ups make it easier for you to kill more birds in one go, and because of that, we offer membership to our 100 Bird Club, which you can become a member of by shooting 100 birds or more in a single hunt! Getting that kind of bragging right is just another reason to hunt with a full-service field setup from Prairie Rose Outfitters.

Getting started with your full-service field set up to create a great hunting trip with your boys is easier than you might think! Just contact us today to learn more about our services and get a quote for booking your trip date. Still want to learn more? Visit our Who We Are page and get to know us a little better!