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Why Prairie Rose Is Saskatchewan's Premier Outfitter

We know that there are other options out there, but when it comes to waterfowl hunts in the great outdoors of Saskatchewan, Canada, we here at Prairie Rose Outfitters Inc. pride ourselves on being your top choice! Tackling all of your needs with ease and efficiency, we want to be sure you get the best out of the next hunting season. Visit our website to get to know us and why we are perfect for the next hunt.

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Optimal Location

Operating out of Saskatchewan, Canada since 1995, Prairie Rose Outfitters can provide you with a prime optimal location for the most exhilarating waterfowl hunt of your life. We are located in the north, which gives us the great advantage of the beginning of waterfowl migration where the birds are less pressured and are looking for food.

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First-Class Guides

Hunting, when done right, is a sport of passion and respect for the great outdoors. Our first-class guides at Prairie Outfitters share this with our customers and train hard to be able to offer everything you need to ensure a satisfying hunt. With our experience and knowledge, we set you up for success and make sure you are having the experience you paid for.

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Premium Field Equipment

To be successful in your passion, you must be equipped for the job. We won’t let you start your journey without the best well-maintained equipment, vehicles, and latest in hunting gear. Choosing Prairie Rose Outfitters means gearing up the right way for your next hunt!

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We know we love what we do, and we love to show that others do, too! Choosing your next guided hunt with Prairie Rose Outfitters means getting an award-winning experience. You are getting a first-class experience where we place full-field setups for all-day shot opportunities paired with chef-prepared, home-cooked meals to keep you energized.

Hunting trips are your great escape, and we want to make sure that you ALWAYS get the best out of your time in our great Canadian outdoors. Our professional and passionate guides are just a phone call away from your next unforgettable hunt. Call today and book now!